Sassa child grant Payments for August 2022

About the Extended Child Support Grant

The government has introduced a top-up Child Support Grant also known as Extended Child Support Grant. The Social Relief of Distress Grant for COVID-19 is also one of the grants administered by the South African Social Security Agency.

Social Relief of Distress Grant 

In case of other disasters such as goods or natural disasters in general, Sassa may also provide Social Relief or Distress Grant for Disasters. This may come in the form of food parcels or food vouchers. SASSA SRD R350 is one such example.

About Sassa Social Assistant?

Sassa describes Social Assistance as an income transfer in the form of grants provided by the government. 

A social grant refers to grants paid by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) that is: 

  • Disability grant
  • Grant for older persons 
  • War veteran’s grant
  • Foster child grant
  • Care dependency grant
  • Child support grant 
  •  Grant-in-aid.

About SASSA money withdrawals

Sassa reminds beneficiaries that they can withdraw their month on any day of the month after payment date , they also said that clients do not have to withdraw the whole money at once if they don’t want to.Clients can also swipe with their SASSA card at till point.

Sassa social grant Payments for August 2022

  1. Older Persons Grant: 02 August 2022 
  2. Disability Grant: 03 August 2022
  3. Child grant and other grants: 04 August 2022