TV Licence for what? South Africans keep asking

TV Licence for what? South Africans keep asking

In South Africans have been paying for TV licences for many years and some have been asking them self why . South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) is a government owned broadcasting service, the SABC channels are also available on the DSTV service own by multi-choice.

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) have a problem collecting TV licence fees. Even its registered users are refusing to pay them.They say it is funny how you have to pay twice for the same service , paying for DSTV and also paying for SABC found as part of DSTV for those who are subscribers.

Some Ask why can’t you collect the money from DSTV.

South African TV market.

Most South African do not buy Television from big shops just to avoid TV-licence problems , they saying buying from small shops is simple and straight forward and you do not have to register for the TV licence.

Registering and De-registering TV-licence

Those who own TV Licence say getting one is very easy but getting out is not , they say if you want to get out , you will be asked to prove that you no longer have a TV which is hard if not Impossible .To de-register you will be told to wait for the SABC agent to come at your place and verify that you don’t have TV after how long , no one knows but in the mean time you can keep on paying for TV Licence.

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Watching or not you must pay

Most recently, the SABC proposed that TV licence fees be replaced with a public media levy — like a tax households and businesses must pay regardless of whether they watch the broadcaster’s content or own a TV. or more like a income tax you have to pay working or not. Some say is a dictator law or more like what Bill Gate use to do to American who own computers.

The broadcaster also wants MultiChoice to help with the levy collection.

SABC board chairperson Bongumusa Makhathini said replacing the existing TV licensing scheme is one of four steps the broadcaster would be taking to improve its financial sustainability.

Paying for northing

In May 2022, the broadcaster revealed that it had lost R600 million in two years, which it because of declining audience. It said it is the most significant loss it has suffered to date.

Now if the TV Licence is replaced by the levy proposed , soon no one will be watching SABC but they will still make millions if not billions.