General School Assistants

Register for Education Assistants and General School Assistants Opportunity phase 4

Register for Education Assistants and General School Assistants Opportunity phase 4

Young People interested in the opportunity to serve as Education Assistants and General School Assistants in Phase IV (phase 4) are encouraged to register at the is a Presidential Youth Employment Intervention targeted at the unemployed youth of South Africa.

Roles and responsibilities for teacher assistants and school assistants?

  • Provide support to the teacher ,such as typing, photocopying, distribution of teaching materials,capturing data,filing,recordkeeping,etc.

  • Support the teacher with technical preparation of the classroom for teaching and learning and ensure that teaching materials are available and ready for use.

  • Oversee learners in and out of the classroom settings such as in the library,laboratory,school events and during lunch breaks.

  • Provide after school support to learners,such as homework classes,sports events,cultural activities and school trips.

  • Provide services to maintain a safe,secure and clean classroom environment in promotion of the COVID-19 standard operating procedures.

  • Carry out administrative tasks as required by the school.

  • Infrastructure Data Collection And Collation.

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How to apply 

To apply this position you need to:
  1. Visit Enter your ID number – if your ID already exists on the system, you may have registered with SA Youth or Harambee or Tshepo 1Million before.

  1. Please go back to click on Login and use your ID number and existing password.
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  1. Once you have registered and accepted the T&Cs, please complete all questions.

  1. This process will take you about 4 minutes. 

  1. After completing all questions, various opportunities available near you will be displayed.

  1. Please click on an opportunity you are interested and and apply.