How to get free money in south Africa 100 percent no Work

How to get free money in south Africa 100 percent no Work.

First you like free money ? Next question is , who does not and the really answer is “we like it” , now after reading this , you will be able to got get some few hundred or even a thousands šŸ˜‹.
Our first on top of the list , is the government money , yap this is very much legal .

Old age grant

South African government has prepared a free pension for old woman aged 60+ and old man Aged 65+ , yes is free and very free , you do not need to work do anything other than being of the right age and have a South African citizenshipĀ  . So if you know anyone not who qualify please have a helping hand. (Here we are talking 1500+)

children’s Grant

Are you 18 years or younger or you’re a guardian /parent of someone within that age group? If yes , this is for you …. The good thing about this is that you only need to check your salary which is not supposed to be aboveĀ  R4000 per month or a combined salary of less than R8000, then what are you waiting for go on and get this , at the moment it is around R450 per monthĀ  per child.

orphan grant

Yap those who do not have parents and are still under age , the South African government permit that they get grant either from SASSA or via social worker assistant. If you are one of those or you know someone , you can let them contact the local social worker about this.


This one was introduced because of covid19 pandemic that has left many jobless , for you to qualify you must be aged 18-59 female and 18 -64 MaleĀ  and you must not be working or have any salary.

Advanced free money in South Africa

This is the big money making and is the topic we put aside for the next post , but we have listed few subheading so that you will have an idea of what we are going to cover.


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