CLEANERS NEEDED R104 073 per annum (Level 02)

CLEANERS NEEDED R104 073 per annum (Level 02)


SALARY : R104 073 per annum (Level 02)


CENTRE : Riversdale Hospital (Hessequa Sub-district)


REQUIREMENTS : Minimum educational qualification: Basic numeracy and literacy. Experience: General housekeeping and cleaning experience. Inherent requirements of the job: Willingness to work shifts, night duty, weekends and working specific shifts as may be required. Competencies (knowledge/skills): Ability to read, speak and write in at least two of the three official languages of the Western Cape. Ability to adhere to hygiene standards. Understanding of segregation of household and medical waste. Ability to work in team context. Good interpersonal relationships.

DUTIES : Perform routine cleaning services for the maintenance of high-quality hygiene and tidiness in and around the working environment. Effective utilisation of cleaning materials, equipment and stock to provide a safe environment to prevent safety hazards. Support supervisors and unit functions. Provide general housekeeping and cleaning services. Handling and segregation of household and medical waste.

ENQUIRIES : Mr P. Moolman Tel No: (028) 713-8640/43


APPLICATIONS : Applicants apply online: (click “online applications”) NOTE : No payment of any kind is required when applying for this post.

CLOSING DATE : 16 May 2022

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